Arran – Sax & Vox | Doug – Bass | Ryan – Drums | Liam – Guitar & Vox

The Bees Trees Blog

Isn’t this a gorgeous view?

Welcome to our newest venture, The Bees Trees Blog! We will be updating this blog frequently, so keep checking back!

This blog will handle an array of topics. First, we’re here to connect with you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

We also travel a lot. We will be posting regularly about our travels – funny situations, stunning scenery, kick-ass bands, and whatever else we might come across.

Let us know if you’re gonna be at a festie we’re playing. We would love to meet you.

We’re also gonna post about how to get gigs, how to travel through various states, and everything else you need to know to take your band to the next level.

This blog is only gonna get more exciting as we grow it, so your input is crucial here. Let us know what you would want more of, and what you would want less of. We wanna turn this into something special.

The last thing this blog will contain (for now) is exclusive content! This content will different from that of our email newsletter, so make sure you frequently check both.

Exclusive content could mean new songs debuted here first, live performances, new pictures we haven’t loaded onto Instagram, and of course, breaking news (wink, wink).

We look forward to sharing our story with you, and we hope that you will do the same.

Check out our store if you haven’t yet. If you buy a shirt or sticker, take a cool pic, then upload it to Instagram with your location and tag us (@thebeestrees), you might have a chance to end up on here or on our Instagram. (With your consent of course)

Did I mention we have a Snapchat that we love using when we are out gigging? Make sure you follow us and join in on the fun we have when we’re out and about.

Let us know your favorite song by us in the comments!